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  • Pacficiers for new born baby from birth - BS23
  • Pacficiers for new born baby from birth - BS23
Love Baby

Pacficiers for new born baby from birth - BS23

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Manufactured By: Johnson Hosiery Works
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Made In India
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Ideal Shape For Baby's Mouth With Wide Handle Perfect For Baby's Small Fingers. They are odorless and taste free. These user-friendly silicone teats are more likely to be accepted by your baby. They have a snap-on protective cap to keep sterilized teats hygienic. For safety they have a security ring handle for easy removal of the pacifier at any time. A pacifier or dummy, also known as a binky, soother, or Dodie is a rubber, plastic or silicone nipple given to an infant to suck upon. In its standard appearance it has a teat, mouth shield, and handle. The mouth shield and/or the handle is large enough to avoid the danger of the child choking on it or swallowing it. Note: The product comes in different colors.

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